We think about people differently.

3 steps to shift from planning to action

Maider Santos, Senior Director at BTS, shares how engaging a Multipliers mindset is critical for success.

BTS Named to Selling Power Magazine’s Top Sales Training Companies 2021 List

We are so excited to announce that BTS has been named to Selling Power Magazine’s Top Sales Training Companies 2021 list for the depth and breadth of training offered, innovative offerings, contributions to the market, and strength of client satisfaction.

Henrik Ekelund Selected as One of Five Finalists

Henrik Ekelund, Founder and CEO of BTS Group AB, Selected as One of Five Finalists in SvD’s “2021 Business Achievement of the Year” Awards due to BTS’s Transformation to Virtual Solutions.

BTS Named a Top 20 Sales Training Company in 2021

BTS named a Top 20 Sales Training Company by Training Industry in 2021. BTS was selected for its breadth and quality of offerings, flexible delivery capabilities, innovation, wide range of clients, and growth potential.

FMCGs need to think BIG and SMALL in 2021

BTS has identified the mindsets around 6 critical areas that FMCGs need to master to be successful in 2021 and beyond.

Why “Messy” Leaders are the Future

Research suggests that “MESSY” leaders will best navigate the new normal.

Focus on Your First 10 Systems, Not Just Your First 10 Hires — This Chief of Staff Shares His Playbook

Kevin Fishner, Chief of Staff at HashiCorp, shares his unique approach to people leadership featuring a key tool from BTS – business simulations.

Want To Build A More Resilient Organization? Start Here

During a crisis, it’s critical for leaders to not only drive efficiency and continuity, but also build resilience. Philios Andreou, EVP, shares the 4 ways to build a resilient organization, published by Chief Executive.

BTS acquires Bates Communications to Expand Executive & Team Offerings

In case you missed it, BTS acquired Bates Communications in January to expand our executive and team offerings. To learn more, check out the press release.

10 rules to ace the interview—as the interviewer

Job interviews aren’t just high-stakes for candidates, they’re high-stakes for organizations too. Brad Chambers, PhD, and Rachel Geil, MA, share the 10 rules you need to know to conduct great #interviews:

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