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Are You Sleeping with the Enemy? What Netflix Can Teach Us About the Risks of Technical Partnerships

Many companies in traditional industries see technical partnerships as a key part of their digital transformations. However it is paramount to ask: how symbiotic are these relationships in the longer term?

The 3 Principles of Digital Disruption: What we can learn from a mattress company

We are in an age in which software is “eating the world,” as Marc Andreessen put it; in which there are only the disruptors and the disrupted. The road to becoming a disruptor is no easy task, but examples outside the world of software and technology like Casper and WikiHouse show that the same disruptive principles used by some of the leading tech companies can be successfully applied in any industry. Empowering users to lead solution design, simplifying customer interactions at every turn, and adopting a microservices mindset are actions that all businesses can take.

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