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How to Virtually Launch a Biopharmaceutical During Covid-19

Andrew Dornon, Associate Director at BTS, wrote this whitepaper on How to virtually launch a biopharmaceutical during COVID-19.

The Four E’s of Sales Kickoff Success

Sales kickoffs in isolation are mostly a waste. But you can do better. It only takes an incremental investment of time and resources to follow up on a kickoff. Learn how.

2018 Sales Enablement Benchmarking: How You Stack Up

This article presents the research and methodology for the three levels of sales enablement. These benchmarks allow leaders to gain a better understanding of how their sales practice is doing.

Why Your Sales Reps Aren’t Using Your CRM

In order to attain goals, enterprises need reps to work within their system, and this means using the CRM. Unfortunately many reps don’t use CRMs properly. Here’s why and what to do about it.

4 Steps You Need to Take to Improve Customer Experience

BTS’s Andrew Dornon shares how the customer experience can be improved through applying the Customer Insights Cycle framework.

The End of Solution Selling: How Two Sales Orgs Shifted

BTS’s Andrew Dornon shares two technology company case studies showing how shifts in customer demands have created specialization in sales skills and a decline in solution selling.

How to Create Customer Conferences that Drive Results

Most organizations have some variety of a customer conference, but to generate the maximum ROI from your customer conference, it is necessary to take a more strategic approach.

10 Steps to Redesign Your Sales Training Curriculum

World class sales training curricula can be hugely powerful for training activities, but if poorly organized, it can be detrimental to driving organizational goals. Here’s how to review your curricula to make it most effective.

You Just Had Your Sales Kickoff—But it Probably Won’t Have the Impact You Wanted

Sales kickoffs are one of the largest budget items of the year, but they aren’t always successful at shifting sellers’ mindsets. Learn how tactical follow up can help you reap the full return on your investment.

How To Communicate A Sales Initiative To Your Sales Force

When you’re changing what or how you sell, excellent communication is key for making your initiative a success. Implement a communication plan and use communication tools to make sure your team knows exactly what to do.

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