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Enterprise mindset business simulation

Dan Parisi, EVP, explains how the BTS business simulation is used to break up siloed thinking and achieve the enterprise value mindset.

Accelerating execution at every management level

The 4 key topics your employees need to become better business decision makers and accelerate your strategy.

Can’t Compete With Start-ups? 3 Tips to Increase Your Organization’s Customer Centricity

We all know business and financial acumen are critical to the success of organizations, but there’s more to winning in business than maximizing your P&L and cash flow.

The One Thing a Leader Can Do to Make Their Company More Customer Centric_x000D_

BTS EVP Dan Parisi shares why companies fail to achieve customer centricity and what kinds of steps leaders can take to shift company culture.

The 3 Things Your CFO Wants You to Know

Imagine you step into your company elevator and you are alone with your company’s CFO for a few floors. What would you say besides hello? Here’s what you need to know to have a conversation with your CFO.

Making Strategy Personal: Activate Execution at Every Level in Your Organization

Many leaders still struggle with the gap between strategy and execution. Here’s what you need to do to bridge the gap and drive better business decision making across your organization.

What do US Army Officers and Business Executives Have in Common?

From the battlefield to the business world, Dan Parisi, Executive Vice President at BTS, explores how being able to see interdependencies and have a bigger perspective are critical to success.

Is Cash Still King?

Is Cash still king? From the ping pong rooms of Silicon Valley start-ups to the hushed halls of Fortune 100 companies, many have challenged the king. Many have declared the king irrelevant (or dead). Many claim that their special unicorn business can’t be ruled by any king, cash or otherwise. But guess what? Cash is still king.

The Last Mile: Connecting Strategy to People

When telco CEOs discuss capital expenditures with stock market analysts, they are often focused on expanding, upgrading and maintaining their network infrastructure. At some point in an analyst meeting, the analyst will ask the CEO to talk about investments in the “last mile”.

Developing Business Acumen in Non-Profit Leaders

Non-Profit Growth Brings New Leadership Challenges

The world of non-profit and social change organizations is growing rapidly. Funds being channeled to non-profit organizations have increased dramatically.

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