We think about people differently.

Why mindsets matter: The secret to lasting behavior change in moments

What’s the secret to lasting behavior change? Mindsets are the key.

Does Great Leadership Look the Same Across Companies?

What’s the secret to universally great leadership? It turns out there’s more to it than a set list of key capabilities.

Culture Change: Activating New Ways of Working through Transformational Moments

Innovation is key in today’s world, and change is a big part of this shift. However, traditional organizational restructuring isn’t enough anymore.

Leadership is Contextual – So Let’s Develop Our Leaders in the Moments They Experience

Companies often define employee success in terms of competencies. But people don’t use competencies to describe their lives – they use moments. Here’s why moments are the best way to develop your leaders.

The Great Playbook: Your Secret Sauce to Accelerating Leadership Development in Your Organization

The global workforce is going through a tremendous generational demographic shift. Baby Boomers are retiring en masse, leaving a deficit which the smaller population of ‘Gen Xers,’ the next generation in line, will be unable to make up for. Luckily, the ‘Millennial’ generation, those born between 1981 and 1997, is large enough to help offset this talent gap as time marches on. According to the U.S. census in 2015, Millennials are now the largest group in the overall labor force.

Competency Models Are Failing. Why?

Many organizations are questioning the value of their existing competency models. Over the past few years, multiple clients have voiced their concerns or outright dissatisfaction with their models. Here is one message that we recently received from a client that provides a good example of this growing trend:

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