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Why “Messy” Leaders are the Future

Research suggests that “MESSY” leaders will best navigate the new normal.

Leadership Lessons from COVID-19: Building Future Ready Leaders

What has COVID-19 taught us? There are a few leadership lessons that are sure to impact the future.

Why mindsets matter: The secret to lasting behavior change in moments

What’s the secret to lasting behavior change? Mindsets are the key.

5 Leadership Takeaways From Italy’s Coronavirus Response

Mobilizing and engaging employees in the current environment is a challenge. Jerry Connor, Head of BTS Leadership, shares five leadership takeaways from Italy’s COVID-19 response to help you lead your team.

The 4 barriers to change and how to overcome them

Jerry Connor, Head of BTS Leadership, shares the 4 barriers to change and how to leverage a coaching mindset to help your people overcome them.

How to build the psychological safety that drives high performance

You need your team to give their best effort—but they won’t deliver if they’re living in a culture of fear. As CEO, you can help break that cycle. Jerry Connor, Head of BTS Leadership, shares how.

This Simple Conversation Can Help Employees Fight Stress And Build Resilience

Work is the most common source of stress for adults in the U.S., stemming largely from employees’ perception that they have many demands placed on them but very little control.

Use This Conversation to Help Employees Find Their Purpose

Purpose-oriented workers tend to be loyal high achievers, but it’s not enough to stencil your company’s mission statement on the break room wall.

To Coach Junior Employees, Start with 4 Conversations

Career coaching is crucial for recent college graduates and young people entering the workforce. Though many have scant experience, they’re making choices that will affect their lives long into the future.

How to Create a Leadership Coaching Culture That Helps Your Business Blossom

Companies must adopt a growth mindset and build a coaching culture in order to thrive in today’s highly competitive and evolving markets

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