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Purpose Made Personal: Connecting Personal and Organizational Purpose

The majority of organizations today are experiencing a crisis of purpose. Young people are leaving their jobs at unprecedented rates and disengagement is at an all time high. The solution? Make purpose personal.

The End of Training is Near: What’s Next for L&D Professionals?

Organizational learning is at a major pivot point. The nature of how we learn, teach, and share knowledge is changing. Learn the 4 major ways L&D have changed and what’s next.

Rockstar to Roadie: Is Your Inner Perfectionist Sabotaging Your Leadership?

Shifting from an individual contributor into a leadership position is not an easy transition. Here’s how to keep your inner perfectionist at bay and let your co-workers shine.

Who Do You Put First? The Stakeholder You Choose Defines Your Company Culture

If you had to prioritize who should come first – employees, customers, or shareholders – who would it be?The answer to these questions defines your organization’s culture.

Organizational Agility, Part 2: Cracking the Code on the “Flipped Pyramid”

So you’re ready to flip your pyramid – and distribute power throughout your organization. How will you do it? How will you get things done? The right culture and structure are essential for your success.

Organizational Agility, Part 1: Let Your People Improve Your Process

How can we become more customer centric? The answer: flip your pyramid. Redistribute power throughout your organization for better agility and the best customer experience possible.

The 5 Skills Leaders Need to Be Successful in the Future

Former BTS Senior Consultant Megan Lambert shares five skills leaders can develop — learning agility, focused attention, lateral thinking, radical interdependence, and systems perspective — that will help them navigate technological disruption.

“Strategy Execution” is a Dying Industry… and I am a Strategy Execution Consultant

Former BTS Senior Consultant Megan Lambert reevaluates the definition of strategy execution, asserting that it means having a clear, firm purpose and trusting in leaders to make decisions.

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