We think about people differently.

A BTS innovation story

How BTS helped a Fortune 100 coffee giant utilize design thinking techniques to foster effective and impactful innovation across functions.

3 Principles for Digital Transformation

Learn how to leverage the power of digital to transform your organization. We did it, and reached 11,000 leaders in one day.

The Robots Are Coming–Are You Ready?

BTS’s Peter Mulford, EVP & Head of Innovation, asserts that while no one can fully predict the changes artificial intelligence will bring, there are certain measures we can take to prepare for it.

The Age of Man-Machine Partnerships: Article by Peter Mulford in HR People+Strategy

BTS Head of Innovation Peter Mulford challenges the notion that technological disruption will cause people to become decoupled from organizations, and instead asserts that the opposite may be true.

Explore the Future…Before You Become a Thing of the Past

BTS Head of Innovation Peter Mulford discusses the inevitability of disruption and shares insights on how to notice its trends and prepare for it.

Help Your People Become Great, Later, by Helping Them to be Dreadful, First

BTS Head of Innovation Peter Mulford explains that deep learning occurs when leaders not only learn skills and but also practice their application.

Don’t Waste Dumb Money: The 3 Things About Innovation Every Leader Should Know

BTS Head of Innovation Peter Mulford details how to remove the mystery and misery of innovation using three steps — by defining it as a problem-solving approach, tying it to the company strategy, and building out leadership.

How Innovation Leadership is Shaping the Future

An Interview with Felipe de Stefani, SVP & General Manager at Turner Latin America

Why Innovation Efforts Fail and How to Fix Them

Tools, Training And Consultants Alone Aren’t Enough. Here Are Three Things We Have To Get Right.

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