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Want To Build A More Resilient Organization? Start Here

During a crisis, it’s critical for leaders to not only drive efficiency and continuity, but also build resilience. Philios Andreou, EVP, shares the 4 ways to build a resilient organization, published by Chief Executive.

The top 5 challenges Professional Service Associates are facing today and what leaders should do

Dr. Philios Andreou, EVP, shared this article on the Top 5 Challenges Professional Services Associates are facing today and what leaders should do.

Four Principles for Leading Company-wide Transformation

Company-wide transformation is no easy feat. Philios Andreou Sphika, EVP at BTS, provides four guidelines that increase your chances of success in this article originally published by the London Business School Review.

Finding the Right Level of Empathy

Empathy in business works, but only if leaders use the right type at the appropriate level. Theano V. Kalavana and Philios Andreou Sphika explain how in this article originally published by CLO Media.

The Three Marriages of the Professional Services Consultant

We tend to work with three marriages in our head: our marriage to the people we love, our marriage to our job, and our marriage to ourself (in terms of self fulfillment and growth). And overall, we are only as happy as we are in the weakest of our three marriages.

The 5 Struggles of the Professional Services Leader

In professional services organizations, leaders will often suffer from low performance irrespective of their experience and long track record. These five stumbling blocks are the critical drivers of success.

Becoming the Global Leader that Local Leaders Welcome

Mastery of the role of Global Leader is only something that can be achieved by having a thorough understanding of the task at hand, humility while managing others, and the ability to learn by being adaptable throughout the process

Empathy in Leadership – Article Published in 世界经理人, Chief Executive Magazine

This article explores the role of empathy in leadership, and how different types of empathy can relate to different leadership styles.

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