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How to Elevate Your Sales on a Foundation of AI

BTS’s Rick Cheatham, Head of the U.S. Sales Practice, describes the advantages, risks, and challenges of implementing AI into sales teams.

The 3 Moments That Matter Most in Sales and How to Better Prepare for Them

BTS’s Rick Cheatham, Head of the U.S. Sales Practice, shares strategies sales teams can take to combat challenges they have with delivering insights, building credibility, and performing time-constrained delivery.

How to Navigate Sales Turbulence and Land More Customers

Great salespeople help buyers get out of their own way. Here’s how to eliminate the turbulence of the buying process and be the best seller possible – the one who gets the customer what they really need.

3 Steps to Effectively Move Beyond ‘Sales Coaching’

Sales coaching is a catchall term that, if not effectively managed, won’t actually help even good salespeople get better at selling. Organizations that want to improve their sales teams while still cultivating a dynamic company environment need to move beyond sales coaching to embrace a more diversified and hands-on training platform.

How to Get Your Staff to Successfully Execute Change – Chief Executive Magazine

Lou Schachter and Rick Cheatham of BTS’s sales practice discuss the importance of selling both current and new offerings (XY selling) during a time when a company is transitioning its sales strategy.

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