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The 3 Things You Need to Know About Leadership Development

Providing excellent leadership development programs will make your organization an appealing place to work, build critical talent, and enable successful strategy execution. So what’s the solution to successfully developing your leaders? There are 3 things you need to know…

What Mexico, Japan, and Senegal’s Shocking 2018 World Cup Wins Can Teach Us …about Strategy Execution

BTS EVP Rommin Adl shares that similar to how soccer players practice before playing games on the field, business leaders also have the opportunity to practice making strategic decisions in simulations to prepare them to lead their companies in the real world.

Is Strategy Execution or Formulation More Important? Look to Dell for the Answer

BTS EVP Rommin Adl asserts that while strategy development and execution are both important, companies should seek a balanced approach in order to maximize results.

Do You Have a Business Acumen Gap in Your Company?

BTS EVP Rommin Adl shares the necessity of business acumen for employees of all levels in performing their jobs and how it can be implemented through BTS’s customized, experiential simulations.

Winter is Coming – Your Survival Depends on Great Strategic Execution!

Turning strategy into results is never easy, but making strategy personal for people is key to success. To do this, leaders at all levels need great leadership skills and capabilities, and focus on making it happen.

No More ‘Death by PowerPoint’: Revitalize Your Approach with Business Simulations & Experiential Learning

BTS EVP Rommin Adl testifies to the large impact experiential learning has both inside and outside the classrom in the corporate world.

Dare to be Different: Unlock Your Business’ True Potential with a Custom Business Simulation

BTS EVP Rommin Adl describes the significance of customized business simulations in helping leaders effectively align with and execute strategy through former client testimonies.

The Power of Learning Journeys for Leadership Development

BTS EVP Rommin Adl shares the success of the company’s partnership with a financial services firm in creating of a 6-month learning journey utilizing coaching, virtual assessment centers, a moments-based simulation, and Pulse technology.

Unlocking the Strategy Execution Framework — What is Most Important?

BTS EVP Rommin Adl, details the E=AMC process and emphasizes that strategy must be personalized through building aligned mindsets in order for leaders to find success.

Having Great Business Acumen in Your Organization is No Joke

BTS EVP Rommin Adl, describes the necessity of business acumen and delves into the types of skills and focus each kind of leader needs.

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