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Coaching the Sales Coach

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June 10, 2021 at 12:00pm America/New_York

1 hour

How do you develop high-performing sales managers?

Most sales managers started out as sellers. As sellers, they learned how to uncover customer needs, position their companies’ offerings, and close deals. While they developed expertise and performed well, the skills that made them great individual contributors do not necessarily make them great sales managers. So, how do you develop high-performing sales managers?

Coaching is critical – but it’s not an innate skill for most people. Some sales managers “figure it out” along the way, but more frequently, managers fall into traps like completing sales activities for their sellers rather than guiding them to do it themselves.

Today’s sales managers have incredibly challenging roles. They are responsible for selling, recruiting, delighting clients, and managing their pipeline, all while creating high performing teams. Developing people is never easy, but there is one secret for accelerating growth.

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