Fresh Talent and Leadership Strategies to Deliver Future-Ready Leaders and Teams

in partnership with Brandon Hall Group

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1 hour

It’s rare to get near-unanimous agreement on anything these days.

But 97% of employers believe they must improve their approach to developing high-potential talent over the next 1-2 years, according to Brandon Hall Group research. The need goes well beyond early career managers to creating a top-to-bottom workforce that can inspire, lead, and deliver on the strategic imperatives for growth.

How does an organization do this in an increasingly complex work environment? What new ways can organizations develop and retain agile, resilient and engaged employees who can drive business growth, even in these volatile and unpredictable times?

In this webinar, world-class organizations will advise you on what to keep doing, what to stop, and what’s new and rising on the radar when it comes to building future-ready leaders and teams.

As learning and talent leaders, you have an opportunity to build a people strategy to help your organization thrive – even in this VUCA world. What you do now will impact your organization’s ability to grow, innovate, and compete as winners in 2023 and for the next three to five years.

You will leave the webinar with

  • Innovative strategies your leaders and their teams will need to inspire, collaborate, pivot and deliver
  • Emerging approaches that pinpoint the most impactful and valuable ways to accelerate development of your talent pipeline
  • Next steps to build a talented bench of next-generation leaders