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Leader as Coach

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March 1, 2021 Europe/Stockholm

1 hour

Event overview

In this session, we will look at our unique approach to developing coaching skills in leaders that will help unlock mindsets in four critical and relevant areas:

  • Well-being and resilience
  • Having powerful conversations in an increasingly virtual world
  • Values-led leadership
  • Innovation

We will look at the four conversations that unlock mindsets and which are based on our successful coaching approach and research of 100,000s of coaching conversations. BTS Coach have distilled the key insights to help leaders to bring these critical coaching skills in each of these four conversations to life in the moment, in order to unlock the talent in business at a personal and cultural level, at the time where we need it most.

Featured Speakers

David Ashley, Head of Coach Expert Team, Professional Coach and Leadership Facilitator

Karim Hirani, Head of the Coach Practice Europe, author of the 4 Great Coaching Conversations