Senior leaders: strategy rocket fuel or quicksand?

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45 minutes

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Learn how to help your senior leaders become the connectors that turbo charge your strategy and build the workplace of tomorrow.

In your organization, you might refer to these roles as VPs, GMs, Directors, or Senior Managers. What they all have in common is that they sit between your Executive team and your Front-Line Leaders.

When developed with a new lens, senior — or mid-level — leaders become the superglue in modern organizations. They can manage workplace tension, synthesize all facets of diverse thinking, and propel an organization forward. Leveraging their mature business perspective to light the path forward, mid-level leaders are the key to preserving institutional wisdom while coaching the fast growth and development of talent amidst the unprecedented pace of workflow evolution.

During this 45-minute webinar, we’ll share the two mindsets required to rejuvenate fatigued senior leaders and allow them to seize moments where constant change blossoms into unlimited and untapped opportunities.

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Who should attend

This webinar is best suited for Leaders in Talent, Learning, and Development.

We will explore

  • The mindset senior leaders need to extend their people focus by connecting at the most fundamental human level, helping people ascend to their full potential and achieve overall well-being
  • The mindset senior leaders need to extend their business focus and find the opportunities within disruption by being curious, agile, and flexible
  • The idea that senior leaders are the overlooked catalysts for change, and can fuel your organization’s strategy once these mindset shifts are embraced

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