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Want To Build A More Resilient Organization? Start Here

During a crisis, it’s critical for leaders to not only drive efficiency and continuity, but also build resilience. Philios Andreou, EVP, shares the 4 ways to build a resilient organization, published by Chief Executive.

Driving stronger business results…

How one of the four largest banks in China partnered with BTS to serve its clients better and drive stronger business results.

The Virtual Disrupt Experience…

How the leadership team at a leading financial services firm needed to prepare for the challenges lying ahead in unprecedented times.

Activating a culture of inclusion and belonging

How one financial services company partnered with BTS to address biases and increase intentional diversity, inclusion, and belonging efforts.

The people side of agile transformation…

A leading American financial services corporation partnered with BTS to become more agile and customer-centric.

The power of digital training and leader-led follow-up

A leading financial services firm partnered with BTS to accelerate accountability among 900 branch managers, reducing attrition by 25%.

The Power of Learning Journeys for Leadership Development

BTS EVP Rommin Adl shares the success of the company’s partnership with a financial services firm in creating of a 6-month learning journey utilizing coaching, virtual assessment centers, a moments-based simulation, and Pulse technology.

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