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Forget about Change Management, Embrace VUCA for Leadership Development

Global companies everywhere are constantly describing how the pace of change has accelerated in such a way that everything we do today will be obsolete tomorrow. How can organizations embrace change that they cannot predict?

BTS Sales Index

The July 2018 BTS Sales Index update. We created the BTS Sales Index to give a simple and easy-to-understand predictive monthly metric that gives enterprise leaders the right vantage point by which to view their critical business decisions.

BTS Sales Index – July 2018 Update

The BTS Sales Index decreased by 0.3 points (0.3%) in the month of June, down to 105.4.

Six Moves to Build a Customer-centric Organization

BTS VP Andre Ribeiro shares the significance of customer centricity, how it’s achieved through cultural transformation, and six steps towards shifting towards such a transformation.

How to Elevate Your Sales on a Foundation of AI

BTS’s Rick Cheatham, Head of the U.S. Sales Practice, describes the advantages, risks, and challenges of implementing AI into sales teams.

BTS Sales Index – June 2018 Update

The BTS Sales Index decreased by 1.9 points (2.0%) in the month of May, down to 105.7.

What You May be Forgetting When Implementing Design Thinking and Agile Frameworks

BTS senior consultant Raul Pozuelo asserts that the root of transforming into an agile, innovative company starts with culture change.

What Mexico, Japan, and Senegal’s Shocking 2018 World Cup Wins Can Teach Us …about Strategy Execution

BTS EVP Rommin Adl shares that similar to how soccer players practice before playing games on the field, business leaders also have the opportunity to practice making strategic decisions in simulations to prepare them to lead their companies in the real world.

Leading in the Digital Workplace

BTS Director Corinne Tucker argues that although leaders must adapt to digital transformation, they must still focus on the human and personal elements of leadership.

The 3 Moments That Matter Most in Sales and How to Better Prepare for Them

BTS’s Rick Cheatham, Head of the U.S. Sales Practice, shares strategies sales teams can take to combat challenges they have with delivering insights, building credibility, and performing time-constrained delivery.

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