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The best leaders don’t just prepare for disruption—they seek it out. Today’s leaders must be able to adapt quickly in a rapidly changing world while having the compassion and humility needed it takes to relate to their teams on a human level.

Adam Smith
Position, Segment of BTS
Adam Smith
Position, Segment of BTS

Your life is built by the moments that you experience daily. As you enter each moment, your brain triggers a mindset that offers a thought, belief, feeling, or attitude.

This success was due to a recent business transformation that shifted the organization’s focus to innovation, developing a performance culture, and managing costs. To build a sustainable approach to this success, and reach their goal of becoming the best performing, most trusted and respected consumer packaged goods company locally, the organization identified the need to develop a leadership coaching culture. Creating a coaching culture would help the organization improve feedback, increase employee engagement, and decrease attrition—while preserving their existing culture. To bring this transformation to life, the company partnered with BTS Coach to develop a coaching effectiveness program, as a new way of leading both people and business performance.

“I have had direct feedback from my coaches about how inclusive and engaging my coaching has been. They are feeling supported but not micromanaged and feel like I really trust them.”

Ultimately the program proved to be very successful and made a lasting impact on the business, receiving high levels of participation and positive responses from participants. The results showed that participants’ teams had significantly more effective relationships, increased collaboration, improved engagement, higher levels of trust, and more efficient operations as a result of the program. Furthermore, employee engagement increased and attrition was cut by nearly half.

  • I believe my presentation was perfectly acceptable and no further improvement is needed.
  • I believe my presentation was poor and I hope no-one noticed.
  • I believe my presentation was perfectly acceptable yet there is always room for improvement.

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