We think about people differently.

Optimizing the candidate-to-employee journey

Throughout the talent-acquisition process, candidates form critical opinions about the company. Learn the 6 phases to focus on for success.

The BTS assessment experience

In this video, Kile Dyer, Senior Director, brings the BTS assessment experience to life.

Pfizer HiPo leader development success story

Pfizer’s Connie Bustamonte talks about their need to level up their leadership.

Driving AstraZeneca’s global succession processes

Liz Moran, Global Head of Talent, shares how AstraZeneca partnered with BTS to accelerate leader development.

10 rules to ace the interview—as the interviewer

Job interviews aren’t just high-stakes for candidates, they’re high-stakes for organizations too. Brad Chambers, PhD, and Rachel Geil, MA, share the 10 rules you need to know to conduct great #interviews:

How do you hire a diverse candidate pool?

For years, organizations have turned to assessments to eliminate bias and create an objective way to evaluate candidates. Learn how to use assessments to diversify your talent.

Rapid Onboarding with Speed and Scale

Assessments help organizations hire the right people. But can they do it at speed? Brad Chambers, PhD, and Kile Dyer, MA, share how assessments can be leveraged for onboarding so you get the best of both worlds – speed and accuracy:

Activating a culture of inclusion and belonging

How one financial services company partnered with BTS to address biases and increase intentional diversity, inclusion, and belonging efforts.

Be the best at hiring the best

A multinational healthcare company partnered with BTS to develop its hiring managers’ skills and generally refine its recruiting processes.

Now is not the time to shortcut your hiring process

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Brad Chambers, PhD, explains why eliminating pre-employment screening is not the answer; instead, it creates a whole new set of problems.

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