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Developing a strategy for long-term growth

Learn how leaders at a global social media management company partnered with BTS to transform their business growth strategy.

What does it mean to be a Change-Ready™ Organization?

How does your team feel about change? Kathryn Clubb, Head of Change and Transformation, and Anne Wilson, outline the 4 relationships to change.

How to develop Change-Ready leaders

In this video, Kathryn Clubb, Head of Change and Transformation at BTS shares how to develop Change-Ready leaders.

Are your leaders ready for the next disruption?

Kathryn Clubb, Head of BTS’ Change & Transformation practice, and David Bernal, Vice President, explore the mindsets, capabilities, and behaviors leaders can leverage to be change-ready.

The 4 barriers to change and how to overcome them

Jerry Connor, Head of BTS Leadership, shares the 4 barriers to change and how to leverage a coaching mindset to help your people overcome them.

4 ways to make your organization change-resilient

Originally published in Business2Community.

Becoming a great cloud company – SaaS landing page

Over the past decade, BTS has had the honor of partnering with some of the world’s leading technology companies, working with organizations across all stages of cloud transformation. Whether your organization was born in the cloud and is looking to scale, or is just getting started with your cloud transformation, we are here to help.

Fun with Moments

What is fun with moments? A mechanism for change and transformation that brings together cross-functional teams to align mindsets.

Shaping mindsets for change

Actions are a direct result of mindsets. Learn how to shift mindsets to ready your people and organizations for change and transformation.

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