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A BTS innovation story

How BTS helped a Fortune 100 coffee giant utilize design thinking techniques to foster effective and impactful innovation across functions.

Cultivating an Agile Culture in a Virtual Environment

Wondering how will you maintain your Agile culture while everyone is remote? 3 moves to shift your team in this direction.

The Office of the (Near) Future: Remote-First Work

Bhavik Modi and Bryan Campbell explore how to transition to a remote-first environment

The Virtual Disrupt Experience…

How the leadership team at a leading financial services firm needed to prepare for the challenges lying ahead in unprecedented times.

3 Principles for Digital Transformation

Learn how to leverage the power of digital to transform your organization. We did it, and reached 11,000 leaders in one day.

What You May be Forgetting When Implementing Design Thinking and Agile Frameworks

BTS senior consultant Raul Pozuelo asserts that the root of transforming into an agile, innovative company starts with culture change.

The Robots Are Coming–Are You Ready?

BTS’s Peter Mulford, EVP & Head of Innovation, asserts that while no one can fully predict the changes artificial intelligence will bring, there are certain measures we can take to prepare for it.

What Humans Can Learn from Machine Learning

BTS VP Marco Rosetti describes how machine learning can be integrated to develop training and learning management systems.

Why the View from the Summit Isn’t the Finish Line: How to Execute on Your Innovative Ideas

Creating an innovative idea is like summiting a mountain – you work tirelessly on an idea that may or may not pan out. Here’s how to execute on your innovative ideas and win, no matter the outcome.

There’s Value in Being Wrong

It feels good to be right, but you can often learn more from being wrong. In the fourth installment of Luba Koziy’s series on Making Better Decisions, she debunks confirmation bias, and why being wrong can be right.

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