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Optimizing the candidate-to-employee journey

Throughout the talent-acquisition process, candidates form critical opinions about the company. Learn the 6 phases to focus on for success.

Tools, duels, and rules: 3 steps for driving a higher-performing team

Looking to improve team performance? There are 3 steps to take that leverage wisdom from Liz Wiseman’s NYT-bestseller, Multipliers.

3 steps to shift from planning to action

Maider Santos, Senior Director at BTS, shares how engaging a Multipliers mindset is critical for success.

Why “Messy” Leaders are the Future

Research suggests that “MESSY” leaders will best navigate the new normal.

Want To Build A More Resilient Organization? Start Here

During a crisis, it’s critical for leaders to not only drive efficiency and continuity, but also build resilience. Philios Andreou, EVP, shares the 4 ways to build a resilient organization, published by Chief Executive.

Leadership Lessons from COVID-19: Building Future Ready Leaders

What has COVID-19 taught us? There are a few leadership lessons that are sure to impact the future.

Why mindsets matter: The secret to lasting behavior change in moments

What’s the secret to lasting behavior change? Mindsets are the key.

Does Great Leadership Look the Same Across Companies?

What’s the secret to universally great leadership? It turns out there’s more to it than a set list of key capabilities.

Client success: Revamping performance management

Teal Reamer, Senior Director at BTS, shares how we partnered with one of our clients to restructure and reinvigorate their performance management process.

Will You Lead or Follow in the New Normal?

Shahin Sobhani and Joshua Lincoln discuss 3 priorities to ensure success in remote working and learning

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