We think about people differently.

Enterprise mindset business simulation

Dan Parisi, EVP, explains how the BTS business simulation is used to break up siloed thinking and achieve the enterprise value mindset.

Upskilling leadership in a virtual environment: Going beyond the cloud

How a market leader in business software and solutions partnered with BTS to develop better business acumen within its HR leaders.

Upskilling virtually: how one healthcare organization transformed its business simulation

Learn how one healthcare organization partnered with BTS to transform its business simulations to fit the virtual environment.

Strategy Alignment & Business Acumen

Dan Parisi, global head of Strategy Alignment & Business Acumen, breaks down how BTS can help businesses align on strategy and upskill on acumen.

FMCGs need to think BIG and SMALL in 2021

BTS has identified the mindsets around 6 critical areas that FMCGs need to master to be successful in 2021 and beyond.

Focus on Your First 10 Systems, Not Just Your First 10 Hires — This Chief of Staff Shares His Playbook

Kevin Fishner, Chief of Staff at HashiCorp, shares his unique approach to people leadership featuring a key tool from BTS – business simulations.

Accelerating execution at every management level

The 4 key topics your employees need to become better business decision makers and accelerate your strategy.

Driving stronger business results…

How one of the four largest banks in China partnered with BTS to serve its clients better and drive stronger business results.

Accelerating speed and quality of decision-making

A fast-growing technology organization partnered with BTS to create virtually-delivered solutions to increased complexity.

The people side of agile transformation…

A leading American financial services corporation partnered with BTS to become more agile and customer-centric.

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