Case Study

Develop global leader capability


Client need

Develop and deliver a global capability program that would enable leaders to make practical and measurable changes in:

  • Build greater self-awareness and an understanding of the coach mindset
  • Flex your coaching style to different people and conversations
  • Make activities and leadership routines which rely on coaching skills more meaningful and engaging
  • Empower others to commit to and solve their own problems
  • Use everyday conversations to embed our values and behaviours

“The facilitator made everyone comfortable to share and engage. The responsibility on performing better as a coach immediately on the individual which makes you feel more engaged. No one will do it for you.”

“Loved the interaction and openness. The facilitator was wonderful and really engaging, which I find makes my experience very real and valuable. Love the varying levels of attendees also as offers a diverse perspective”.

The solution

The learning and application was staggered with 90-minute learning bursts across a 6-week period. This gave the participants an opportunity to experiment learning between sessions.

Sessions were structured with small groups which serves as a platform to share and discuss challenges with peers, while guided by a professional coach.

As the learning was not location bound, this provided participants with the opportunity to share learning and network across diverse regions and functions


Over 20 Pod group sessions with over 150 leaders during a 6-week journey.

Participants outcomes:

  • 9.1 out of 10 for overall Leader as Coach experience
  • 9 out of 10 likely to recommend experience
  • 8.9 out of 10 found the group Pod sessions to be interactive and engaging

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