Case Study

Transforming leadership


Client need

A leading global pharmaceutical company launched several new products within a short span of time, which put high demands on the organization’s sales and marketing teams. The organization’s leadership team identified that its mid-level leaders needed to become more customer-centric to maximize their contributions to the business. Working on remote teams, leaders needed a solution that would allow them to experience the same program and bring them together despite their differing locations.

“I didn’t realize I was rescuing my people until after the course. Then a light bulb went on. Now I’m cognizant of opportunities to do a better job at handing things off and seeing what my team can do. I’m able to resist jumping in and taking care of it myself.”

The solution…

A full-day BTS simulation called Multipliers, based on Liz Wiseman’s groundbreaking book, Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, was delivered virtually:

  • The simulation helped leaders understand how they were unnecessarily controlling and rescuing their people on projects, and demonstrated how to adopt the mindset and behaviors that would increase intelligence and unlock potential in their team members.
  • After going through the virtual simulation, leaders were evaluated with a 360 assessment. Each sales leader received an individual report from the assessment.

The following year, the next cohort of sales leaders went through the same Multipliers experience.


Participants reported:

  • Their team members are more self-reliant and demonstrate stronger ownership and accountability.
  • Less time is spent rescuing and they can concentrate more on important tasks.

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