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We’re not looking for people who fit in – we want people who stand out. BTS seeks passionate innovators, leaders, and collaborators who add to the team, bringing new ideas, unique perspectives, and diverse backgrounds to build the future of our business, today.


Our mission

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Embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion makes us better. At work, and in life. We are committed to making BTS a more diverse company. We strive to create a working environment where all employees feel a sense of belonging.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion is core to how we work, lead, and live. Our goal is to create a more just and equitable world – both internally and in our client engagements, and our growing DEI Practice is key to this mission.

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Our mission

Go together

Together, we can achieve amazing things. At BTS, we believe that by attracting, hiring, and empowering people with diverse backgrounds, skillsets, and perspectives, we’ll go even further.


We are unrelenting problem-solvers and steadfast team players. We want people who will raise their hands to share their status-quo-breaking wild ideas while supporting their teammates’ boundary-crossing creativity.

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Our mission

Go far

At BTS, you’ll work to transform the world’s leading organizations. With every client engagement, BTSers dive deep into an organization’s strategies, business models, and leadership behaviors to uncover what really makes it tick. Then, you and your colleagues across the globe team up to develop and deliver transformational solutions that unlock the organizations’ potential – from C-suite to the front line.


Whether you’re a business analyst, executive assistant, senior consultant, design lead, or managing director, at BTS you won’t be a cog in the machine. We believe that given freedom and responsibility, our people are limitless. Expect to make an impact from day one, collaborating with our most senior leaders on projects for some of the biggest names in business.

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