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Easy to say, harder to do: Putting psychological safety into practice

Psychological safety is having a moment, and with good reason. In spite of the fact that the ideas behind psychological safety have been over a century in the making, it wasn’t until 2012 findings from Google’s Project Aristotle on high-performing teams, combined with Harvard professor Amy Edmondson’s pioneering research in 2017, that companies began to appreciate the deep impact psychological safety has on team performance, enterprise growth, innovation, and more.


Are you a not-so-great delegator?

One of the prime contributors to the busyness plaguing leaders is a reluctance or inability to delegate appropriately. In the 360 feedback we gather as part of our work with executives, we’ve sometimes seen this reluctance stem from an overstrength in concern for direct reports: Leaders are reluctant to overburden others who are also busy with extra work the leaders could perform themselves.


The people-first approach to digital transformation

Despite all the interest swirling around digital transformation, many businesses make a major planning and execution misstep – they neglect to consider the human element in the process. Peter Mulford of BTS shares the benefits of a people-first approach to digital transformation for success.


3 Succession Planning Mistakes Your Company Can’t Afford To Make

Successful succession planning is key to a business’s longevity, but it can be challenging for even the largest of companies to get right. Here are the top three succession planning mistakes I see and how to avoid them.


Rosie Connor, Co-Founder of BTS Spark, named a 2023 Most Influential Educator in Australia by The Educator Magazine

Rosie Connor, Co-Founder of BTS’s social impact, non-profit practice BTS Spark, has been named in The Educator Magazine’s list of “The Best Educators in Australia Influencing Culture and Reform,” within the category “Most Influential Educators 2023.”


Lynn Collins, Ph.D., and Sandra Hartog, Ph.D., published in SIOP's Professional Practice Series

Lynn Collins, Ph.D., Head of North America Assessment at BTS, and Sandra Hartog, Ph.D., Partner Emeritus at BTS, contributed to two chapters in the book, which is part of The Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology Professional Practice Series.