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BTS Named a Top 20 Sales Training and Enablement Company in 2024

BTS GROUP AB (publ), a world-leading strategy implementation firm, was recently recognized by Training Industry, Inc. as a Top 20 Sales Training and Enablement Company.


Why there will be plenty of jobs in the future — even with artificial intelligence

In the early 1960s, just as the information technology revolution was taking its first baby steps, a committee of scientists and social activists sent an open letter to the US President, Lyndon B. Johnson: “The cybernation revolution” will create “a separate nation of the poor, the unskilled, the jobless” who will be unable to find work and to afford life’s necessities, they argued.


Q4 report 2023

In an exclusive interview, Jessica Skon, CEO of BTS Group, delves into the impressive journey of the company's resurgence during Q4, following three tough quarters. With resilience and strategic acumen, Skon articulates how the challenges of 2023 have catalyzed transformative actions, laying the foundation for scalable growth in the coming year.


BTS Group – A record quarter – YouTube

Jessica Skon, CEO of BTS Group discusses the strongest quarter ever for the firm. The discussion is lead by Rikard Engberg, equity research analyst at Carneg…


BTS vd: ”Resultatet 2024 kommer bli bättre än 2023” | Vd-intervjuer | Expressen

Konsultföretaget BTS redovisar ett ebita-resultat på 139 miljoner kronor för det fjärde kvartalet 2023.


Human Capital Awards 2024 – HR Awards | HR Industry Awards | HCA | ETHRWorld

HR Awards – Human Capital Awards (HCA) 2024 aims to inspire leaders to grow their human capital by investing in their people, processes & culture. This HR Industry Award is a platform to bring together the best minds in the HR world.