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Go to market by accelerating sales and marketing

Integrating marketing and sales is transformational.

Accelerate your sales cycle. Accelerate your go to market approach.


Your sales, marketing, product, and service teams face accelerating buying cycles, fragmented markets, and demanding buyers. BTS has spent years conducting extensive research and working with the world’s best sales and marketing organizations. 


We understand the critical moments in your buyer’s journey and equip your customer-facing teams with the skills and mindsets needed to accelerate results. After working with BTS your team will be able to close sales faster and provide a higher level of service that will keep your clients coming back.


How we help

Business and Industry acumen for sales and marketing

By focusing on mindset shifts and practicing critical moments, BTS can help your team produce leaders that can more readily adapt to change and be more connected with their team needs. These leaders have a greater understanding of societal change, which will make them the ace-in-the-hole you need to adapt your strategy for the future.

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How we help

Build a personal connection through hybrid selling

With unpredictable sales cycles and market disruption becoming the norm, we have experienced a dramatic shift in how salespeople work and how clients expect to interact with them. Establishing a personal connection is now more valuable than ever. 


Traditionalist clients who would never take a virtual meeting in the past have now been forced to experiment with virtual communication tools and are more likely to accept some meetings as virtual interactions. 


BTS’s robust digital experience can help you build a strategy that leverages the strong interpersonal skills of your salespeople to seize this new opportunity and bring your clients along with you.

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How we help

Coaching the sales coach

There may come a time when you need to launch a transformation or initiative where nothing off-the-shelf applies. 


The BTS team are experts in building custom solutions for organizations of all sizes. In these cases, we begin by minimizing complexity and zeroing in on what great people in your organization already do. By aligning that with the context of your market, as well as our extensive research and experience, we can create custom sales methods, assessments, and training to build a framework for you going forward.

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How we help

Speed up your sales cycle and become an Accelerator Seller

We uncovered that the best organizations today help customers understand how their solutions accelerate customer business results. Sellers, sales managers, and marketeers need to perform at their best in common, critical situations to help customers accelerate their desired business results.


Rather than describing broad skills, our experience tells us that focusing on “what Great looks like” in specific, common situations. Our set of critical sales and marketing modules enables your team across the value chain to be Great when it counts.

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How we help

Assessments for sales and marketing

Organizations are seeking ways to quickly assess the ability of their sales and marketing talent to meet the evolving needs of customers. Assessing talent should be flexible, accessible in the flow of work, cost-effective, easy to deploy, and rooted in a strong point of view.


We work with organizations to provide high-impact assessments for hiring and selection, baseline understanding of capabilities, and to create tailored development journeys.

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The latest in sales & marketing
Large scale events
Bringing your teams together means more now than ever before. Elevate those moments with BTS.
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BTS believes that meaningful results are achieved through a journey of learning, development, and execution. Because we sit at the intersection of consulting and learning, we have a front-row seat in this journey. These insights allow us to create industry-leading products and experiences that can revolutionize your talent.

Virtual facilitation

Whether virtual, in-person, or a hybrid approach, BTS constantly innovates with top technologies and methodologies to elevate our agenda and deliver transformational experiences at every engagement.


Momenta is a helpful digital companion that will guide your employee’s learning experience. Whether they have three hours or just three minutes Momenta will inspire growth in ways that reward engagement and inspire achievement.


In these highly competitive markets and changing times, having an accurate understanding of a person’s capabilities has never been more critical. BTS offers assessments that evaluate a candidate’s fit within your company as well as the development areas of existing talent.

BTS Coach

By combining our robust technology stack, our global footprint, and our innovative, research-driven approach, BTS has made leadership coaching more accessible than ever at a scale previously unimaginable.

Digital Learning

From mobile apps to connected portals, BTS creates immersive, interactive digital experiences that enable participants to build skills, align with organizational strategies, and drive results.

Business Simulations

Simulations enable participants to experience a new strategy personally in a highly realistic environment, allowing them to see its value and experience great execution.


Client stories

Re-imagining a CEO leadership summit

For more than five years, a multinational software corporation has partnered with BTS to deliver high-impact experiences at scale. These engagements have ranged from coaching to leadership development, strategy alignment, and go-to-market change and transformation initiatives.

Last year, the organization’s leadership team asked BTS to co-create and deliver their bi-annual CEO leadership summit, which included the top 120 leaders in the company across all business units.

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Client stories

The end of solution selling

When a multinational enterprise information technology company came to us about building an onboarding program for their new sales hubs, they were trying to train their inside sales reps for the enterprise sale. We helped them see that these new reps needed to know the “blocking and tackling” of sales – getting past gatekeepers, overcoming objections and demoing products – more than they did executive-level conversations.

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Client stories

Accelerating a sales transformation at a leading global financial services firm

A leading global financial services firm is executing on a significant transformation towards increasing the use of digital technology and implementing goals-based client conversations. With changing customer expectations, firms across the industry are grappling with making both of these shifts.

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Client stories

Implementing the intelligent enterprise

A multinational enterprise software corporation was about to embark on its journey to implement an entirely new global business strategy: The Intelligent Enterprise. To successfully communicate and align its top leaders to this new strategy, the software company partnered with BTS to design and facilitate a critical CEO leadership summit where the top 120 global leaders came together to align and build a plan to execute the strategy.

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I think we can all agree that BTS provided a jet-assisted lift-off of our client-focused growth strategy.

Arthur P. Steinmetz

Chairman, CEO and President, OppenheimerFunds

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