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BTS is not content changing business strategies and bottom lines alone; we’re committed to leaving the world a better place than we found it.

Better business, better world.
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BTS’s perspective on sustainability is holistic and includes both social, business and environmental perspectives. The company has, from these perspectives, developed a sustainable focus with relevant goals and activities where the company can both make an impact and contribute to a better environment.

It is a combination of important areas, crucial for the sustainability work, that includes activities for the company’s employees, clients and contractors. Within the environment areas we have: BTS’s way of working, reducing climate footprint, support clients in their work, and micro-entrepreneurs in developing areas, prioritized.

BTS’s sustainability policy, vision and values, and overall strategic sustainability goals form the basis of BTS’s sustainability work. Sustainability work includes efforts to increase environmental, economic, and social responsibility and BTS has UN’s Agenda 2030 as starting point within the following areas:

  • Strong business ethics and responsible entrepreneurship for a sustainable culture.
  • An equal and developing workplace.
  • Supporting clients in implementing strategies within sustainability.
  • Actions for a more positive environmental and climate impact.
  • Social responsibility.

Download our full Annual Sustainability Report below to learn more about what BTS is doing to help create better businesses and a better planet.

2023 Sustainability Report

BTS is committed to the full sustainability of all people and the planet. In this report we detail our efforts from the previous year to offset carbon emissions, plant lots of trees and clean up all of the worlds oceans as we rid ourselves of the harms being done to the planet.

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BTS and Rainforest Trust

A look back on 2023

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