BTS Cares

Using our strengths to create meaningful social impact

BTS believes that people make the difference, within all enterprises, all over the world.

From entrepreneurs to students, to not-for-profit organizations, and community and education leaders, we help them find their core values, grow their professional life, and become more successful. Leveraging our greatest solutions, we can provide the same transformational experiences that we offer to our corporate clients but customized to meet them at their level.



BTS Spark

BTS founded BTS Spark as a not-for-profit initiative, offering targeted leadership development and coaching to education and non-profit leaders. The BTS Spark team support school principals, teachers and not-for-profit leaders in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, Kenya, Indonesia and other countries – helping them develop their leadership practice so they can lead their communities with confidence.

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Better business, better world

BTS is not content changing business strategies and bottom lines alone; we’re committed to leaving the world a better place than we found it.


In service of creating lasting change, we leverage our strengths in business acumen and leadership development to provide educators and future entrepreneurs in underserved populations with skills to help guide them towards a lifetime of success.

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BTS communities

BTS works with AVO Vision and Hand in Hand International to provide training and resources for impoverished people in Africa and India.

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Social Impact

BTS one for one

For every participant educated by BTS, we provide free training for one person in a transitioning or developing region.

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BTS Social Impact report 2022

BTS strives to actively contribute to the UN’s 2030 Agenda by embracing principled business ethics. BTS is committed to creating a diverse and equitable workplace, delivering positive client impact, and cultivating a strong sense of social responsibility.

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