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Digital capabilities, human touch

It’s about people, not technology.


Our digitally-enabled programs accelerate learning, spark change, personalize virtual engagements, and improve business results for our clients and their people.


We focus on capabilities that extend workshops and learning journeys to reinforce knowledge and enable practice, expand the reach of learning programs allowing them to be self-paced, and cascade learning and change to the full organization utilizing leader-led modules delivered in the flow of work.


Digital learning

We’re building the digital learning experience of tomorrow.

Since 2001, we’ve been at the forefront of defining what learning can be in the digital world. Our mission is to create experiences that inspire, engage, transform, and most importantly deliver results.


Adding SwissVBS to the BTS team enhanced our ability to be a creative team focused on delivering results. We’re learning experts. We’re storytellers. We’re creative thinkers. We’re problem solvers.

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Digital learning

Bite-sized, single-concept learning

BTS’s rapid learning is a robust but focused library, targeting pivotal behaviors in leadership and sales. Novel micro-training concept in which line leaders bring a team together to engage in a module, discuss and practice.

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How we help

Get Togethers to engage every team in the organization

Ultimately to drive real change, every leader needs to own and drive new ways of working with their teams all the way down to the front lines. Our pre-packaged ‘Get Togethers’ are scalable, flexible, and easy ways to ignite team momentum to learn, align and change.


These pre-designed experiences built to run in the flow of work and be highly interactive, engaging, experiential, and meaningful.


Analytics and reporting is embedded and provides you with deep insights from all teams without having to burden the organization with more surveys.

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How we help

Understanding Project Management increases ability to lead & follow project management processes

The new Understanding Project Management (UPM) by BTS is a Web-based learning resource that helps experienced and aspiring project managers understand the five process groups of best practice project management.


The self-paced 4-hour program can be taken as pre-work to help users prepare for more advanced workshops or as a standalone project management primer to better understand fundamental project management. It can also be used as an ongoing reference tool to reinforce concepts and prior learning.

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How we help

Winning in Business Simulation

Winning in Business is an industry-leading digital simulation that will provide your people with the skills they need to perform at a higher level and help your organization to gain a competitive edge.


These multi-round, team-based or self-paced, learning experiences are built to help participants practice making business decisions via real-life business situations.

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How we help


Our Know the Business (KTB) suite drives business acumen by allowing your people to practice using basic financial statements and key ratios to assess company performance.


The multi-language KTB is a mobile-ready, self-paced experience that allows participants to learn, study, and test their financial acumen knowledge. Combining video-based learning bursts, interactive tools, quizzes, and a simulation, the KTB enables all learners to make sound business decisions that drive bottom-line results.

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How we help

iLead Challenges

iLead Challenges help companies accelerate the development of great leaders.


The simulation provides a series of scenario-based video challenges featuring important leadership moments to deliver a learning experience that reinforces the critical skills necessary for effective leadership. Participants will engage in cinematic storylines to address key leadership topics and develop their leadership skills – essential for optimal execution and delivering long-term business results. Each iLead is a 20- to 30-minute interactive, multi-media experience and is available in many languages.

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How we help

Digital is an enabler. It powers our in-person and virtual simulations as well as gives people a voice during larger conferences

Facilitated workshops

Facilitated classroom work that goes deep, fast with engaging activities along the way so your team can put in the powerful emotional work. Available in-person, virtually, and on-demand.

Events & Offsites

Alignment simulations and experiences for your leaders and teams that crowdsource the wisdom of the group with mind-blowing ideation.

Rapid learning

A robust but focused library of bite-sized single-concept learning targeting pivotal behaviors in leadership and sales.

Virtual Simulations

Teams run a simulation of your business over multiple rounds combining facilitated sessions with asynchronous teamwork in breakouts.

Self-directed simulations

Experience simulated worlds, make decisions and see the impact on your business, leadership, sales, and innovation goals.

Leader-led team get togethers

Short, impactful digital experiences designed to be easy to run and accessible when leaders need them in the flow of work.

Custom digital learning

Digital learning strategy, microlearning, course correction, learning reinforcement, and next-gen digital learning campaigns.

Blended & Digital Journeys

Blended journeys include virtual workshops, self-directed learning, and results assurance.

Personalized coaching & practice

With 1-on-1 coaching, pod-coaching, learning circles, and practice-with-an-expert, we’ve got your coaching needs covered.


Whether virtual, digital, or in-person, our moments-based assessments allow you to understand your people better based on real situations from your business.

Virtual & Digital Client Advisory

Advice, capabilities, and solutions from best practices for virtual, digital, or hybrid, to collaborative program or curriculum review.

Digital Toolkit

BTS’s digital-enabled journeys, experiences, and tools are critical for successful leadership, sales, and change efforts.


Momenta is a helpful digital companion that will guide your employee’s learning experience. Whether they have three hours or just three minutes. Momenta will inspire growth in ways that reward engagement and inspire achievement.

Digital Learning

As a result of our acquisitions of SwissVBS and Rapid Learning Institute, BTS now offers customized digital learning and a robust library of digital content, both centered on an empathetic storytelling approach and grounded in behavioral research.

Coach matching

Individual- or team-based sessions that shift mindsets, enhance skills and predict performance – scheduled and delivered on BTS’s digital platforms.

AI & Analytics

NLP to assess understanding of strategy, AI tools to augment coaches and assessors, and chatbots to aid learners in their journeys. Rich analytics dashboards to gain insights on engagement, action, and impact.

Reinforcement & results assurance

Adaptive practice and quizzes to reinforce learning, combined with follow-up and nudges on commitments, measurement of learning, behavior change, and business results.

Experiences in the flow of work

On-demand designed experiences for cascading strategy or learning, led by line leaders through ad hoc sessions in the flow of work without the need for formal scheduling.

Digital & Virtual Events

Beyond informational. BTS produces transformational conference events that become engaging, interactive experiences delivered with high impact virtually or in-person.

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Client stories

Accelerating Leadership Alignment

Citi needed to ensure 40,000 of its leaders were engaged and aligned on leadership principles and ethical imperatives.

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Client stories

Cascading a leadership framework

Schlumberger wanted to align its top 5,000 managers to its new leadership framework and ensure its top 400 executives became “change leaders.”

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Client stories

Accelerating development with a performance culture

The CEO of Chevron recognized that creating a performance culture was a critical component of the company’s three key pillars for accelerating growth. To improve their culture, the organization partnered with BTS to upskill their people, starting with feedback.

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Client stories

Customer-centric, industry-based sales training

A leading financial services company needed to train 900 branch managers on foundational leadership skills, such as setting goals and holding people accountable, providing corrective feedback, and improving morale.

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