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Large scale events

Bringing your teams together means more now than ever before. Elevate those moments with BTS.

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Program description

The BTS Large Scale Events offering is a unique and custom engagement where we work with your team to create powerfully and intentionally designed experiences that align and inspire your people. We follow our 4 mindful design principles to drive purpose, ownership, reflection, and intention, delivering a better experience and more value for your people and your organization.

Strategic meetings may include: quarterly meetings, leadership alignment meetings, strategy development sessions, and more.

Other large scale events may include: team building meetings, business unit-specific events, company retreats, and more.

Sales kickoffs may include: initiative rollouts; year-end meetings; product launches; and more.

Available in-person, virtual, or hybrid, we offer three services:

  1) Event advisory

  2) Experience development and facilitation

  3) Virtual event enablement

Business challenges addressed

  • I need help designing and preparing for my event
  • I need help developing the main stage and in-room content for my event to bring my event to life
  • I need help managing and executing the virtual event
  • I need to quickly align my organization or team around our goals for the future
  • I need to generate energy and engagement during a challenging time for my organization or team
  • I need to catalyze change and/or transformation in my organization with a large event
  • I need to foster creativity, camaraderie, and effective strategic thinking across a broad and/or multi-regional leadership team


Program details

  • Format: Virtual, in-person, or hybrid
  • Duration: 1-hour; 1/2-day; 1-day; multi-day
  • Capacity: 25-10,000+ (varies based on program objectives)


Program options

  • Event advisory
  • Experience development & facilitation
  • Virtual event enablement
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How we can support you and your teams

Event design advisory

A partner who will help you design and guide the execution of your event. Services include but are not limited to alignment of leaders on themes, outcomes and red thread, event design, platform selection, and speaker selection/preparation.

Experience development & facilitation

Bring main stage presentations and breakout room experiences to life. BTS can support you with the creation of mainstage presentations, breakout room content (i.e., simulations & conversations), and event emcee & facilitation.

Virtual event enablement

A comprehensive virtual event enablement partner who can guide you through the challenges of Virtual Event Program Management.

Reasons why a Sales Kickoff might be right for you

Initiative Rollouts

Product Launches

Year-End Meetings

Communicating New Goals

Team Building/ Networking

Defining and Driving Culture

Integrating Acquired Companies

Introducing New Leadership

Overcoming Difficult Times as a Team

Personal and Professional Development


Connecting Teams Across Functions

BTS London Conference Selects 099
BTS London Conference Selects 102
BTS Directors+ Conference Day Three - 025
BTS London Conference Selects 021
BTS Programs 2019 75

We help you with events in service of your organization
Ceelbration 3

Motivation & excitement to carry forward


Set outcomes and measurable action plans


Help teams overcome obstacles


Inform teams of what’s new and different

SKO In Service of Your Team copy3
Healthcare 06
The space to personalize

It is the intentional space created for individuals to make sense of each experience and how it connects to purpose – making strategy personal.

Strategy 16
The why behind the work

It is the connective tissue, the story, that brings the entire experience together – enabling individuals to leverage their strengths to drive business outcomes.

Strategy 24
The mindset that drives accountability

It is about creating opportunities for individuals to workshop concepts and ideas to empower and activate them – authoring is ownership.

Assessment 14
The commitment to take action

It is about the practical and meaningful experiments individuals want to take to in the field – driving execution.

We take the best of both worlds…
SKO Organization plus Team 3

…and match it to your current reality
SKO Graphi Re-create-01

Stage of the company lifecycle and the events that typically match their objectives:

  • Events: Smaller or regionally-focused meetings, team building meetings, strategy development sessions.
  • Key Objectives: Generate culture. Create excitement about the future. Reassure through initial ‘growing pains.’
  • Events: Leadership alignment sessions, sales kickoffs, product launch events, acquisition integration events.
  • Key Objectives: Galvanize an established culture. Align the organization on outcomes. Generate new business.
  • Events: Sales kickoffs, initiative rollout events, company retreats, business unit-specific events, year-end meetings.
  • Key Objectives: Revitalize motivation. Overcome organizational obstacles. Maximize profit. Retain customers.
New ‘S-Curve’
  • Events: Leadership innovation summits, strategy development meetings, high-potential development sessions.
  • Key Objectives: Inspire the team. Rebuild motivation. Communicate new strategies. Innovate.
Insights and resources

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Client stories

Implementing the intelligent enterprise

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