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Building capacity for more change

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June 24, 2021 at 2:00pm Europe/Stockholm

1 hour 30 minutes

Who should attend

Transformation or business leaders in organisations that are implementing a hybrid work strategy, senior HR and learning leaders, and those who are responsible for new ways of working and the rollout of hybrid.

Event overview

Many employees are already exhausted by all of last year’s change. Now is the time to help your leaders examine their relationship to change and build more capacity for the change that is sure to be ahead. Join us to experience how assessments can help leaders and their teams evaluate their relationship with change and target the right development to increase their capacity for change, individually and as a team.

Part of the Making Hybrid Work event series, 3 of 3.

Making Hybrid Work event series

Most companies are finalizing plans and policies around returning to the office, many of which include some form of hybrid-virtual work. So, how is this actually going to work? How will organizations foster productivity, belonging and motivation in this new virtual and face-to-face environment? How will they manage people’s vastly different preferences and expectations, taking into account inclusion, fairness, and safety?

We’ll explore these critical questions and more in our interactive, live-virtual sessions. As you can expect from us, these are not passive key notes, but interactive experiences where you will get share and learn with peers from other companies.