Why data driven decision making is a super power for leaders

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In all manner and form, data is today’s currency.

The volume of data that is generated and stored every minute has increased exponentially in the last decade, but are we leveraging it to drive our business results? Or do we let it overwhelm us as we see graph after graph in the next slide deck?

In this session, we connect the dots between data science and business outcomes, highlighting the deep business expertise that leaders can bring to data in their organisations. We will outline the common gaps to look for, and the mindset and capabilities that will equip you to shift from being driven by data, to making data driven decisions.

In this session, you can expect to

  • Learn about the importance and active role of leaders in leveraging onto business acumen in turning data into business value
  • Explore how leaders best prioritise and frame problems that data science can be employed to solve

Who should attend

This webinar is best suited for executives, professionals and leaders in decision-making roles and data-driven organisations, including CHROs, CTOs, CIOs, Transformation Leaders, Innovation Leaders, Business Leaders, HR Leaders, Sales Leaders.

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