8 Critical Moves to Empower Leaders to Increase Their Value

in partnership with Brandon Hall Group

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Despite never-ending investment, leadership development is not producing enough future-ready leaders to enable organizations to thrive in these turbulent times.

Once and for all, it’s time to make bold investments that truly equip leaders to deliver the business value that is so badly needed. More than 90% of organizations believe that upskilling leaders is the most important step to drive business success in 2023 and beyond, Brandon Hall Group™ research shows. But the question is how, because what most employers are doing is not working.

BTS consultants and thought leaders have done the research, and have the practical experience, to authoritatively lay out a practical path to real breakthrough results. Join BTS expert Lance Wilke, SVP and Partner and Claude Werder of Brandon Hall Group to dive into the eight critical moves for leaders to make now to transform their organizations.

The moves break down the silos that cripple most leadership development efforts.

You will leave the webinar with a blueprint to substantially move the needle on these 3 critical priorities:

  • Make bold investments in leadership tailored to equip the enterprise to navigate economic uncertainty, deliver growth, and ensure business continuity.
  • Accelerate the talent system to deliver enterprise-wide outcomes in times when there are fewer chips to play.
  • Scale the learning culture to help people adapt to the constantly changing market environment.