Reimagining Learning in a Fast Changing and Connected World

in partnership with Brandon Hall Group

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1 hour

Change is the new normal.

Organizations must continuously invest in their talent, intentionally shape the culture, and adapt their strategy to adapt swiftly to a rapidly changing world. Even before a global pandemic forced us to shut down in-person trainings, employees demanded more learning support and are pushing for learning anytime and anywhere. As we move into the post-pandemic era, leaders expect to be able to use technology to learn in more diverse ways than ever.

How does an organization find a way to create a path to learning that meets employees where they are, gives them access when they need it, to exactly what they need to learn? What are the keys to building an agile learning culture where organizations can grow, develop, and retain the talent they need, regardless of the size of their organization?

In this webinar, world-class organizations will advise you on what personalized learning means, what success looks like, and how to create a learning culture in your organization that is future-focused and ready to carry the company forward.

You will leave the webinar with

  • Insights into the four core principles that define a successful approach to personalized learning
  • A roadmap for creating a learning culture rooted in those principles
  • Learnings from a case example of building a ‘just enough, just for me’ learning culture in a Fortune 500 company