From Pony Rides to Rodeos: How a Customer Decision Vortex Can Make You Miss Your Sales Forecast

Published on: June 2014

The sales world is changing and fast. As customers worldwide reengineer their buying processes, the idea of a circular, closed-loop cycle is losing its validity and usefulness.

Today, buying is much more like a bucking bronco rodeo event than the pony ride that traditional buying cycles suggest. So, what does that mean for salespeople?

Based on proprietary research and first-hand advisory experience, our latest whitepaper explores the changes to the customer buying process, details the dynamics pulling customers into a “decision vortex”, and describes how salespeople can help customers move forward and meet their sales forecast.

“Helping a customer out of a decision vortex is at its heart a prioritization exercise. Customers are reevaluating the priority of competing initiatives and projects and purchases within each initiative. The salesperson needs to provide tools and insights to help them make those decisions.”

Following your Customer’s Unpredictable Buying Process: Keys to Success

Customer priorities shift rapidly. Risk assessment is ever present. Evaluation of options never stops. Meeting your sales forecast in this environment demands:

  • Staying focused on what is best for the customer
  • Navigating the customer towards their destination
  • Rescuing the customer from decision traps
  • Connecting to multiple customer initiatives
  • Supporting customer stakeholders by reducing risk


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Explore today’s customer buying process, the dynamics pulling customers into a “decision vortex”, and how salespeople can move customers forward.

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