Glitz, glamour, and substance:

Examining the efficacy of recent innovations in assessments


Published on: April 2023

Written by: Brad Chambers, Lynn Collins

Articles on “new and improved” approaches to assessment appear frequently in both professional and trade journals. “Big data” gurus trumpet the benefits of using algorithms to mine gargantuan recruitment and social media databases. Video interview proponents promote the efficiencies of asynchronous interviewing and the use of artificial intelligence to analyze applicants’ nonverbal and vocal patterns. High fidelity online simulation vendors recommend replacing traditional tests with engaging, job-related, objectively scored
situational assessments.

Among these trends, it’s hard to know which provide real benefits – which ones actually make a difference, and which are voodoo science? To separate fact from fantasy, two sets of assessment trends will be examined. The pros and cons of these new approaches will be compared against traditional testing. The evaluation process is divided into three sections:

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