Mindset-focused leadership coaching

enables new habits


Published on: July 2019

Written by: Stephanie Peskett

It is that time of the year when the rubber has well and truly hit the road.

The good intentions established over the holiday period suddenly feel like they are slipping through your fingers. The change you intended to create for yourself, your leadership, and your team suddenly seems so much harder. But, all is not lost. Actually, now is the critical moment to decide what matters most. This is the inflection point in making behavior change real and forming habits that last a lifetime.

How do you shift good intentions to become new habits?

Through years of experience at BTS Coach, we know the power of mindset-focused leadership coaching. Mindset-focused coaching enables you to create more significant change towards new habits, faster. This unique and transformational coaching approach goes much deeper than other forms of coaching.

Mindset-focused coaching challenges you to:

1. Examine your mindset about the change.

Oftentimes, we have preconceived perceptions of a change, before it’s even begun. We wonder how others might view it, whether we can do it, if it’s really worth it and whether we believe we are able to make the change happen. Sound familiar? Mindset-focused coaching surfaces all of these “mind road-blocks.” You and your coach examine the thoughts and feelings that are limiting your progress. You challenge your own assumptions, judgements and bias (about yourself or others, or the change itself). You ask yourself what is really true, what you really care about and how you want to lead. With this new information, you shift away from limiting beliefs and move towards liberating beliefs.

2. Get passionate about the future state.

To change your state you need to shift your alignment – from anchoring in the past, to casting into the future. In mindset-focused coaching you rewire those neural pathways towards something that is deeply exciting, energizing, and inspiring. You experience what it could be like if these liberating beliefs were fully implemented. Together with your coach, you fully step into that future state in your mind and image what it feels like, what you’re thinking, and the impact you have on yourself and others. It’s often a visceral experience, creating something so clear that you recall it like a vivid and memorable dream.

3. Take ownership of your change.

Once you have understood how you feel about the change and the gap between where you are and where you want to be, you are ready to take accountability to make it happen. By then, creating commitments to yourself and others allows you to focus and prioritize making the shift a reality. For example, if it’s leading your team differently, then perhaps the first step might be simply asking for feedback from the team and from others around you – what they value today and what would make you a better leader of the team.

Dare to Make it Happen

We encourage you to keep going with those carefully considered changes and good intentions that you wanted to make for yourself, your leadership, and maybe your team. Mindset-focused leadership coaching helps you to make this change meaningful, deeply felt, and fully realized.

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