The next generation team:

an "outside-in" perspective


Published on: February 2023

It’s commonly understood today that simply hiring great individual leaders won’t be enough to make your company successful. The work of the organization gets done in teams. We operate in fast paced environments with big mandates and complex issues, so our teams need to work, and they need to work together. The days of the hero leader, and even the heroic team, are fading in the rear view mirror. The differentiator in great companies today is how teams, and teams of teams, perform.

Yet even teams that have everything going for them sometimes fall short and fail. What are we missing?

Our latest research shows that what we know about teams isn’t wrong, it just isn’t sufficient to tell the whole story.

In this white paper, the authors reveal what we have learned about what has been missing from the team formula, and the quantifiable link we found between that and team effectiveness.

Learn how to improve your team’s effectiveness

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