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Simple, clear ways to get teams to make good decisions


Published on: June 2019

Many team leaders view conflict on the team with dread and see it as evidence of something gone wrong. Unmanaged and unproductive conflict can be caustic, but conflict isn’t inherently bad. In fact, constructive engagement around differences is a vital and necessary part of making progress and innovating. The opposite, false consensus, sends teams into amicable death spirals.

In this white paper, Andy Atkins lays out what distinguishes productive from unproductive conflict, and defines what is required for productive problem solving. Based on our research on Executive Presence, and our work with senior leaders and their teams, Andy describes a clear, simple and constructive 3-step process for collaborative problem solving. He demonstrates how to apply this process to conflict resolution, and ensure your team can make good decisions, no matter what is at stake.

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