Q3 2022 Newsletter

Generations of your leaders have never experienced a recession in their professional lives.
Are you ready?
For the first time in their professional lives, Millennial and Gen-Z leaders are facing shrinking economic conditions. Fredrik Schuller, EVP, and Bhavik Modi, Director, break down everything you need to know to help this emerging workforce weather the economic storm.
Developing next gen sales leaders
Now more than ever, organizations need sales leaders that produce results. In this article, Barbara Adey, Vice President, shares key tips and examples from leading edge companies to develop the next generation of sales leaders.
What Now, Recession?
How to Navigate the Next Big, Bad Thing
Amid uncertain times, teams need to be resilient. How can leaders help them cope? Suzanne Bates, Managing Director at BTS, shares critical approaches for defying the odds and seizing opportunities.
Leading in a downturn
The recession playbook
In this episode of the Fearless Thinkers Podcast, Dan Parisi, EVP, and Darsh Shrestha, Principal and VP at BTS, share tactics, principles, and mindsets that leaders must adopt in uncertain times. Get your very own BTS recession playbook to help your company not only survive, but succeed.
Large scale events
Bringing your team together is more critical now than ever before.In times of uncertainty, sales teams need to be aligned and inspired to deliver results. Learn how BTS can elevate your next large-scale event or offsite.
Strategy implementation at scale
When selling becomes more challenging, investing in your salesforce creates a critical safety net. Learn how BTS supported a software company’s largest sales training program ever, reaching 29,000 employees and ensuring organization-wide adoption of a bold new strategy.
BTS wins 44 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in partnership with clients
We’re so excited to announce that we have won 44 Brandon Hall GroupExcellence Awards in partnership with our clients —a record-breaking year! Rick Cheatham, CMO at BTS, comments, “amidst the past few years of constant, accelerating change, we are honored to have the privilege of continuing to grow with our clients. Our ongoing collaborations to deliver best-in-class solutions, whether virtually, in-person, or in a hybrid environment, are a testament to the trust and strength of the relationships we’ve built together.”
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