Great framework

Defining success factors and approaches that help companies and their leaders achieve great performance and execution.


Sitting at the intersection of consulting and training, we have a front row seat to our clients’ business goals, strategic priorities and culture. We have seen leadership development and strategy implementation initiatives that boom with great impact and many others that bust. Through that experience, we have defined the success factors and a new approach that helps companies and their leaders achieve great performance and execution.


Define Great

Leadership is relentlessly contextual, and every organization has leaders who think, act and engage better than anyone else. We codify what these leaders do differently and build a “great profile” for a key role, within the context of your business model, strategy and culture.


Assess Great

We believe in objective assessment using your “great profile” and playbook of “great” behaviors. We evaluate your leaders’ behaviors and mindsets through real or simulated challenges, selecting “great” leaders based off what they do and how they think.


Experience Great

We know people need to see, experience, and try out new ideas, skills, and mindsets before they believe in them, master them, and become “great.” Our goal is to increase the practice to performance ratio and shorten the time it takes to produce “great” performance.


Execute Great

It’s a well-known fact that a lot of what is taught in training programs is never actually applied back on the job. We bridge this “knowing-doing” gap by supporting the on the job execution of “great” with fully integrated job tools, applications, feedback and coaching.

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