Leadership development

Moments-based assessments

Great leaders perform in pivotal moments

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Program description

Moments-based assessments require respondents to make decisions in a simulated environment where they encounter job-related scenarios used for selection or development purpose. All scenarios are built around the most critical moments that differentiate good from great. These decisions are evaluated in relation to behavior, capabilities and mindsets that are critical to success.

Business challenges addressed

Developing talent

  • Provide a realistic picture of capabilities to provide developmental direction in journeys
  • Adapt workforce to keep up with the growing demands of the market and serve customers better
  • Help develop skills for a new role, new way of working, or new competitions
  • Build a leadership pipeline


Hire/promote talent

  • Assess and select candidates for high performance capabilities (profiles/playbook) using an engaging, realistic job preview experience

Program details

  • Format: virtual or in-person
  • Duration: half-day, full-day, or multiple days

Program elements

  • Leadership development
  • Leadership assessment
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How we help

Great profiles

Great Profiles define how a Great Leader shows up to work each and everyday to help the company execute against its strategy. They serve as the foundation to set the right leadership expectations and guide leaders on how to be great, yet still maintain their authentic style.

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How we help

Great playbooks

Great Playbooks define what daily moments are most pivotal and what “Great Leaders” and what “Not-Yet-Great Leaders” do in those situations. They identify what moments are most pivotal to be successful and show leaders what to do and what not do in those pivotal moments.

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