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Value-added negotiations

Sellers overthink negotiations and they become overwhelmed because they don’t have a clear roadmap to maneuver this critical customer interaction

Program description

Based on our research and years of insights, we believe Value-Added Negotiations will help you and your team transform the approach to negotiations. Great negotiators can turn every negotiation into a successful, collaborative agreement, and Value-Added Negotiations will make this a reality for your organization. This program works from the proven premise that every negotiation should involve multiple dimensions of interests and offers a straightforward model to plan and engage in negotiations effectively, which we have developed through a 5-module program.

Module 1: Demystifying Negotiations
Module 2: Engaging Buyer Interests
Module 3: Securing Equal Value
Module 4: Navigating Negotiation Interactions
Module 5: Practice and Application

Business challenges addressed

  • I need my sellers to understand the changes in processes, customer mindsets, and selling outcomes that occur during downturns or other times of distress.


Program details

  • Each module is 90 to 120-minutes in length
  • Format: virtual or in-person
  • Delivery options available for a 1.5-day in-person session or spread out over a two weeks virtually
  • Capacity 15-35 participants per session is recommended


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How we help

Demystifying negotiations
Participants explore gaps around good versus great negotiation dynamics.


Learning objectives:

✔️ Understand sellers’ current approach to negotiations.

✔️ Recognize the dynamics at play during different types of negotiations.

✔️ Learn to engage in value-based negotiations through short, focused collaborative interactions.

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How we help

Engaging buyer interests
Participants explore the advantages of understanding their customers’ interests versus positions

Learning objectives:

✔️ Describe the relationship between a buyer’s interests and the why behind their positions.

✔️ Use effective questioning skills to peal the onion to get to the root cause of a position.

✔️ Learn to engage in value-based negotiations through short, focused collaborative interactions.

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How we help

Securing equal value
Participants explore the cost versus value model to ensure that they are trading equal value.


Learning objectives:

✔️ Learn how to create offerings that are high value to the customer at a low cost to the seller.

✔️ Build negotiating skills by applying negotiating best practices to different situations.

✔️ Respond effectively when other parties engage in non-cooperative behaviors.

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How we help

Navigating negotiation interactions
Participants comprehend and utilize the validate, explore, and agree (VEA) model in tactical situations.


Learning objectives:

✔️ Apply questioning techniques to validate the buyer’s perceived value of an offering.

✔️ Engage in structured exploration of alternatives to co-create new offerings.

✔️ Evaluate alternatives against the impact of the buyer’s business objectives.

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How we help

Practice and application
Participants practice and apply their skills in a customized mock negotiation


Learning objectives:

✔️ Practice and experiment with new negotiation techniques and models in a customized mock negotiation.

✔️ Evaluate your negotiation skills, receive feedback on your performance, and identify areas for improvement.


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