Case Study

A new commercial model...


Client need

Shifting to become a formalized financial institution, a commercial bank in Mexico began to increase its offerings. Adding a deposit service to its existing loan business, the company’s headcount doubled. As a result, the organization recognized that it needed to define a new management model for its people. The bank set out to create alignment, gain buy-in around the new structure and ways of working, as well as develop its people’s leadership skills.

The solution…

In order to successfully transition to a new model, the bank partnered with BTS to co-create a solution that would…

  • Provide a systematic model for the day-to-day activities of each role (three levels of Regional Managers, Branch Managers, and Account Executives) both for the credit and deposits sides
  • Create alignment and gain buy-in around the new structure and ways of working as well as develop leadership skills
  • Develop a tool to allow Regional Managers to train the new Loans and Deposits Leaders
  • 21% increase in bank deposits…
  • 16% increase in loans…
  • All branches that experienced the initial BTS program achieved stronger growth in new accounts and income
  • The success of the initial program led to company-wide rollout in the 1,700 remaining branches

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