Case Study

Accelerating client business results...


Client need

Recognizing the need to develop its salespeople, an organization sought fast, high-quality training for salespeople and sales managers that was cost effective and easy to deploy. The organization needed development that would be relevant and applicable in the moment of need, enabling sellers and managers to perform in common, critical situations. They also needed something that could be delivered both by internal leaders and remotely in a group session – eliminating the need for travel.

The solution…

The organization partnered with BTS to create a solution that consisted of:

  • One-hour virtual modules, focused on what great looks like when gaining access to C-suite and building credibility.
  • Modern research based content, that is designed with the end user in mind and the tools they need be great when it counts.
  • Simulated experiences, virtual and remote, allowing for practice of new skills in a risk-free environment.
  • Structured application that helps salespeople take learning into the field.
  • Support in the time of need by helping managers coach to great behavior quickly and easily.
Tangible results in the field

Program participants shared results such as…

  • “Gained access to the CFO and successfully lay out a roadmap by obtaining mutual agreement on what the needs were and what steps it would take to bring about a solution, it brought us much closer and next steps.”
  • “Gain access to the CEO early, he will be instrumental in the funding of this project and it was always my goal to get to him early, but as a result of the training I was able to gain access in a more efficient way demonstrating credibility immediately.”

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