Case study

Accelerating development and succession planning

through a virtual assessment


BTS partnered with a multinational bio-pharmaceutical company to create a scalable and accessible virtual version of its in-person assessment center administered to talent with the potential to ascend to critical, senior leadership roles. Central to the design was giving high-potential talent the opportunity to experience a “day-in-the-life” of a senior leader at the company.  

To deliver on that, BTS worked closely with the company to develop a multi-component Virtual Individual Assessment (VIA) experience that included a business case pre-read, written business challenges, role-play exercises, and a debrief interview. Since 2019, around 30 unique VIA experiences for critical roles that span all functions of their business have been developed.  

The partnership has proven very successful, providing data on high-potential talent’s current performance in the capabilities critical to success in those senior leadership roles. The assessments also provided insights on targeted talent planning and development initiatives to close the capability gaps at both group and individual levels. In 2022 alone, 500 participants worldwide engaged in one of these experiences, resulting in a 41% promotion rate, compared to a 14% promotion rate for non-participants.  

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