Case Study

Accelerating leadership alignment


Client need

A multinational financial services corporation needed to ensure 40,000 of its leaders were engaged and aligned on leadership principles and ethical imperatives. Starting with a 2.5-hour virtual classroom event for its first 15,000 leaders, the firm recognized the need to accelerate the rollout to meet its timing objectives.

The solution…

The organization partnered with BTS to create a solution that:

  • Used BTS’ Virtual Digital Event platform to deliver a compelling 90-minute interactive experience to
    audiences of 1,000 to 2,000 people at a time.
  • Engaged leaders in a realistic, interactive case study in the form of an email exchange that raised ethics and leadership challenges. Leaders learned to identify ethical issues through a three-lens framework and proactive actions.
  • Included a number of crowd-sourcing exercises via the digital platform in which leaders contributed ideas, developed plans to overcome action traps, and shared real-world examples. Participation rate was near 100%.
  • Facilitated by c-suite executives via streaming video with the interactive exercises occurring side-by-side. Supported by a BTS operator, individual leaders joined using their PCs without the need for extra virtual classroom infrastructure.

The organization reached the entire audience by their target date. In doing so, the bank met its regulatory requirement and executed on a key pillar of its strategy. Participating leaders shared many examples of how the content has been applicable to both work and personal life.

Senior executives received high ratings for the sessions and gained ‘leader as teacher’ experience.

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