Case study

Accelerating strategic vision through leadership culture


Client need 

A telecommunications company was undergoing a transformation; they were shifting from a traditional Telco (Telecommunications Operator) to a TechCo (Technology Company) Platform business. The organization recognized that human-centric leadership would be critical for achieving and maintaining this future state.

Previously, the company had excelled in efficient execution, but also struggled with employee engagement and waning buy-in. To foster a higher level of employee engagement and leadership maturity, which would positively contribute to the company’s long-term success, the organization decided to create an executive development journey. As part of the solution, the organization partnered with BTS. Together, the organization and BTS elected to leverage insights from Liz Wiseman’s Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, the best-selling book that helps leaders tap into their teams’ native genius to produce better business outcomes, in the solution. Leveraging this approach would help them implement the new human-centric leadership framework across the organization.

The Solution 

The executive leadership development journey included the following:

  • A launch call to communicate the purpose of the journey, build excitement, and set expectations.
  • A tailored 360-assessment for executives and other senior leaders to increase self-awareness.
  • A one-day in-person workshop, which included a powerful Multipliers simulation designed to shape leaders’ mindsets and drive impactful behaviors and action planning.
  • Actionable tools and Go-Dos, which are commitments to take action back on the job, to apply the insights gained.
  • “Pod” or small group coaching sessions to ensure accountability and develop a plan for the future.

Unlike many traditional development programs, a relatively large portion of the workshop, approximately 30 percent, was spent on individual action planning through coaching, as well as collective team action planning through a facilitated working session. This allowed the CEOs to more effectively take ownership of sustaining the learnings from the program. Leaders actively put insights into practice on the job, cultivating new leadership habits over time.


As a result, the program captured these key metrics:

  • Leaders rated the effectiveness of the mindset shift was rated between 98 and 99 percent
  • Leaders committed to a total of 560 Go-Do actions
  • Based on the organizations’ annual culture audit, after the program, the organization’s score in Leadership increased by 3 points
  • Qualitatively, 11 out of 12 CEOs who participated in the program reported a significant increase in alignment and engagement. Their average rating was a 4.0+ out of 5 level shift

To date, 250 leaders have been through the program

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